'So your dog can be a dog and you can be you.'

Dog Training and Behavior Modification

I am an independent dog trainer dedicated to developing the mental and physical well being of the family dog through training and activities.  My goal is to help people understand and communicate with their dog more productively and create a healthy and stimulating environment for their dog through training.

Training Methods

My preferred method of training is reward-based training.  Scientifically this is the most effective method for the vast majority of dogs and has no adverse side effects.  I find it t is much more productive and less stressful for everyone when a dog finds it rewarding to follow leadership rather than trying to control a dog by using adverse punishment or fear.  The more we understand how animals respond to our actions, the more we can understand ourselves.
Pas Dog Training

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  -  Mahatma Gandhi

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Pasquale is a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer