Puppy Kindergarten
This is a 6-week course dedicated putting you and your new puppy on the path to a long, healthy and happy life together.  The curriculum includes basic commands, house-training essentials, basic manners, mouthing, troubleshooting, games and more!  Many adult dogs are not tolerant of puppy behavior so this class also gives puppies a chance to socialize with other puppies their own age and be themselves! Prerequisites:  Age 8-18 weeks with current vaccinations. Supplies Needed:  Training treats, Tug Toy

Basic & Intermediate Obedience
These are 5-week courses designed to introduce commands and behaviors to your dog.  Basic O1 subjects include: Sit, Down, Watch, Stay, Wait, Leave It, Recall and Loose Leash Walking. Intermediate obedience subjects include: Generalization, Clicker Training, Mat Training, Retrieving, and more... Prerequisites:  Age 6 months and up. Supplies Needed:  Training treats, Tug Toy, Ball

Agility & Games for Fun
NOTE:  This is not a competition-level course. This entry-level class is for people who want to give their dog an opportunity to try out agility equipment.  It is designed to introduce the obstacles in a positive way so that you can practice at home or at one of the many doggy playgrounds out there.  It is a great mental exercise for your dog and opportunity to increase your dog handling skills.  Equipment Introduced:  Jump, Tire Jump, Tunnel, Weave Poles, Wobble board, Ladder & Balance board. Prerequisites:  Age 6 months and up.  Must have strong sit-stay and focus on owner. Supplies Needed:  Training treats.

Group Classes are currently on hold.

Email Pasquale for class referrals and alternatives. 

Everything that can be covered in group classes can be covered in private lessons.